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4Fun Team Championship Logo Released!

An announcement and a gift for the community are inside, take a look! Read More

10.000 and Counting…

Time for good news! Today our team’s site,, reached the 10.000 views – and if you’re reading this, we’re already beyond – since its official start six months ago, on September 17th, 2020.
Read More

What’s in the BOX?

Some strange boxes, left from an unknown place, have been delivered to our pilots around the world … What will be inside? Let’s find out together! Read More

The Big Parade, Part 2

Two and two makes four, and the 4Fun guys Gianluca Roncaglia and Dario Bucalo quadruplicate the fun with another 1-2 for the team! Read More

The Big Parade

Omer Kinay and Matteo Venuti get the first 4Fun double shot! Read all the details in this instant celebration directly from Laustizring, and party with us! Read More

Vintage Perfection: The Italia Racing Team Events

In the vaste world of simracing everyone can easily find his sweet spot, whether for a quick race or for more deep and engaging events. The racing platform Italian Racing Team offers them both, and a lot more. Let’s take an inside look. Read More

Sending Postcards from the Track

Welcome to 2021 and to the start of a new thrilling SRS season for all the 4Fun pilots, that will be engaged in many series in the next six weeks. Let’s take a look at what happened and pump up the volume for the most recent playlist addictions! Read More

The 4Fun Sim Racing Team is on SRS!

The 4Fun Sim Racing Team is delighted to announce that Sim Racing System recently included the 4Fun logo with the link to the website – – on their homepage. Read More

A Race in the Family

Christmas is gone and so is the current SRS season after the sixth and final week of the series, with many good results for the 4Fun pilots, who also joined for the first time a race all together. Take a look at the final series results, and wear on your headphones for the latest playlist addictions! Read More

Never Drink Before a Race

Christmas is approaching and so is the end of the current SRS season after the fifth race week, that came along with good results and also chances for final wins for 4Fun racers. And don’t miss our fresh additions to the 4Fun playlist! Read More

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