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SRS Season 2021.3 Week 3 Recap

Here’s the 4th week recap! Read More

SRS Season 2021.3 Week 2 Recap

The second week is over, so it’s recap time! Read More

BTCC, or Back To Cherished Championship

So, the countdown is over! The 4Fun guys are celebrating since finally Omer Kinay is consistently back on the track, so let’s join the party by listening to the new playlist addictions! Read More

SRS Season 2021.3 Week 1 Recap

First week of a new and exciting season!

P.S: Some photos of the race are missing, this week SRS TV had some issues, sorry for that. Read More

The Number of the (Track) Beast

Spring finally came so it’s time to put the last winter SRS season in the closet near our coats and sweaters and to wear our t-shirts for the new one approaching. And while skating and rollerblading in the park, tune on the playlist for the new addictions! Read More

SRS Season 2021.2 Week 6 Recap

Last week of the season, the one that decide the final results! Read More

A Nice Sunday Ride

Here we go again! Time is money and if you snooze, you lose (© Martin Faber), so let’s start quickly with the raceweek recap of the 4Fun team guys activity, and take to action your music player for the latest playlist addictions! Read More

SRS Season 2021.2 Week 5 Recap

Penultimate week of the season, full of drama and unexpected results! Read More

Changing Name to Racing

Time is running fast and another SRS racing week it’s over, but there’s no space for nostalgia since another one is on the schedule, so let’s start with the last week recap since all the 4Fun guys are ready to take place again on their driving seats. Turn on your car radio and listen to the new playlist songs! Read More

SRS Season 2021.2 Week 4 Recap

4th week of the season, the championship fights is becoming more intense, every single race. Read More

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