Nissan Primera GT (BTCC) – Donington Park GP Hotlap Guide & BMW 320i Comparison

Time to bring another SRS BTCC championship to conclusion at Donington Park GP. This time with a twist: Omer hotlaps with the Bimmer. Read More

BMW, or Being Matteo, Winner

Matteo Venuti wins his first SRS championship on the BMW Z4 Drift weekly series and gets another trophy in the 4Fun Hall of Fame! Read More

BTCC, or Being Twice Champion: Congratulations!

Omer Kinay gets his 19th first place
and wins his second SRS championship, once again with the Nissan Primera in the BTCC 98/99 series! Time to celebrate and to read teammates and opponents comments! Read More

2nd SRS Team Championship – Week 5 Report

And just when everybody thought that springtime was roaring in, time for a step back in winter in the cold breeze of the Zima (“winter”, precisely) layout in Tor Poznan, while in Brands Hatch… well, England is rainy, isn’t it? Go on reading while waiting for hot air! Read More

Nissan Primera GT (BTCC) – Tor Poznań Zima Hotlap Guide

Welcome to the 27 celcius icy race track of Poland’s Tor Poznań during the April(!) winter! Read More

2nd SRS Team Championship – Week 4 Report

The fourth round of the second 4Fun Team Championship is over, so it’s time to read the news before getting back to the track! Read More

SRS Season 2021.3 Week 4 Recap

Here we are for the 4th week of the season! TOYOTA AE86 TUNED – Mas Du Clos (FR) Robert Duplantier wins at Mas Du Clos! First win of the championship for the Frenchman, despite being a little bit slower than Jason Jones in the last stages of the race. 3rd place for Jari Penttinen, in Read More

From Real to Simracing and Back — Interview with TED HOUGH

For those running on his tough weekly Monday series, Ted Hough is a familiar face and also a strong opponent. Sport racer, racing instructor and also simracer: let’s discover a little more on him, his present and his future. Read More

4Fun Team Championship Logo Released!

An announcement and a gift for the community are inside, take a look! Read More

2nd SRS Team Championship – Week 3 Report

Tough challenges, surprises, connection issues and much more happened in Sentul and Calabogie, so reboot your router in order to avoid text lag and go on reading! Read More

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