SRS Team Championship – Regulations

Important things to know to get started:

1) Be part of a team consisting of at least 2 members. The team does not have to be pre-existing, it can also be created for the occasion. However, it is strongly recommended to be at least 3 in order to avoid not reaching the minimum number of 2 participants per week, thus incurring a base score of 60 pts. per absent driver;

2) The deadlines for registering the team for the championship expire on Friday of the first week of the series. After this date it will no longer be possible to add or replace members. However, it will be possible for new teams to subscribe within the Friday of the second week of the series. Points will be calculated starting from the week of registration;

3) To register, you must communicate the name of the team and the names of the members who will participate in the series via the Contact Us section of 4Fun Sim Racing team site, or via personal messages on SRS to the members of the team (Dario Bucalo, Gianluca Roncaglia, Omer Kinay, Matteo Venuti);

4) Participation with customized liveries for the team is not mandatory but much appreciated.

Team’s Weekly Score

The weekly score of a team will be determined by the average of the best results of its participating drivers, with a minimum of 2 drivers having participated in 2 races each. Bonuses will be added to this score obtained based on the goals achieved during the week. The sum of all weekly team scores will determine the final rankings of the championship.


Calculation Procedure

1) A team must participate in the weekly track with at least 2 drivers, who in turn must participate in at least 2 races. If a team participates with only one driver, to the missing driver will be automatically assigned a score of 50 pts. If a team has no races in a week, to the team will be automatically assigned a score of 40 points.

2) The track score of each individual driver will be obtained from the average of all the points obtained in his/her first 5 official races held on that track. The score of every driver’s race will be determined only according to his final position in a race, eliminating the malus of the incident points. The winner will receive 102 points, the second 98 points, the third 95 points and so on, regardless of the number of incidents;

3) For each driver, the minimum number of races to participate at each track in order to classify for a track score is 2. If a driver participates in only one race at a particular track, s/he will be automatically assigned a score of 60 pts. for the missing race in order to reach the minimum number of races required. Drivers who are registered in the championship and who will not even participate in a single race during the week will not be counted for that week – unless a driver is needed to reach the minimum of 2 drivers per team, in this case he will automatically receive 50 pts. (see point 1);

4) “Faber rule”: If a driver is registered for a race, the result will be counted either if he races or not. Any DNF will be counted on the basis of the final position in that race.

5) In a race with 8 or less participants, 2 points will be subtracted from the final score in that race; in a race from 9 to 11 participants, 1 point will be subtracted from the final score in that race.

6) All the SRS-calculated points obtained by the individual driver will be added up and divided by the number of races entered (if the number of races entered is less than 2, the calculation will be made on the minimum required number of races of 2), thus obtaining the Average of the Driver’s Track Score (ADS).
Based on the achievements obtained, the following fastest time bonuses will be added to the ADS:

A driver who achieved a SRS Top 10 of the fastest laps of the week obtained in a QUALIFY will receive a bonus calculated based on the position on the leaderboard as per the table below.

LEADERBOARD POSITION1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10th

A driver who achieved a SRS Top 10 of the fastest laps of the week obtained in RACE will receive a bonus calculated based on the position on the leaderboard as per the table below.

LEADERBOARD POSITION1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th10th

By adding the ADS with these bonuses, the Average Individual Score (AIS) of each driver will be obtained.

7) The weekly Final Team Score (FTS) will be obtained by adding up all the AIS and dividing the result by the number of drivers counted. The FTS will be rounded to get a score without decimals.

8) The team that will have the highest number of points after totaling all six weeks FTS of the season will be the Winner.
If 2 or more teams have the same result, the victories obtained by the team will be counted and divided by the number of registered drivers, thus obtaining the value of the Victories per Driver (VpD). The team with the highest VpD value will be the Winner. In case of same number of victories, the second tie-breaker will be the lowest average incident ratio per team.


Team Alpha:

Racer John Smith scores 102, 98, 85, 76 and is 7th on Qualify fastest lap and 3rd in Race fastest lap -> 102+98+85+76 = 361 -> divided by four races -> 90,25 (ADS). Bonuses -> 2+8 = 10 -> 90,25 + 10 = 100,25 (AIS)

Racer Hans Schneider scores 98, 95, 92, 80, 75 -> 98+95+92+80+75 = 440 -> divided by five races -> 88 (ADS). No bonuses, so -> 88 (AIS)

Racer Michel Dubois scores 102, 98, 98, 95, 55, 102, 98 and is 1st on Race fastest lap -> 102+98+98+95+55 = 448 -> divided by five races (race 6 and 7 are not counted) -> 89,6 (ADS). Bonuses -> 10 -> 89,6+10 = 99,6 (AIS)

Racer Mario Rossi scores 98 -> 98+50 (the 50 default points to be added for those who raced only once) = 148 -> divided by two races -> 74 (ADS). No bonuses, so -> 74 (AIS)

Racer Juan Gomez did not race -> He will not be counted for the week

Final Team Score: 100,25 + 88 + 99,6 + 74 = 361,85 to be divided by the four active racers -> 90,46 -> 90

The Prize

The prize for the championship is Glory πŸ™‚ , plus an article of presentation/celebration of the Winning Team that will be published right after the end of the season on the 4Fun Sim Racing team site.

Good luck and have FUN everyone!

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