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Nissan Primera GT (BTCC) – Donington Park GP Hotlap Guide & BMW 320i Comparison

Time to bring another SRS BTCC championship to conclusion at Donington Park GP. This time with a twist: Omer hotlaps with the Bimmer. Read More

Nissan Primera GT (BTCC) – Tor Poznań Zima Hotlap Guide

Welcome to the 27 celcius icy race track of Poland’s Tor Poznań during the April(!) winter! Read More

Monza Track Guide by Omer Kinay

A hotlap with the legendary bimmer, that doesn’t need an introduction, at the “Temple of Speed” by Omer. Best served hot, together with a setup. Read More

Imola Track Guide by Omer Kinay

A hotlap with Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 by Omer at Imola. Not the fastest of the DTM 90s cars considering the high BoP restrictions for it but this 4WD beast surely is the one with the highest stability! Read More