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Lausitzring GP Track/Setup Guide by Omer Kinay

A hotlap with Škoda Octavia Cup (2018) by Omer at EuroSpeedway Lausitz. Read More

Octavia Cup 2018 – Tor Poznań Hotlap

One of the latest “modest” wonders of the Czech automobile manufacturer visits Poland. Watch the hotlap that shows how to be at the limit on every single corner! Read More

Cupra TCR – Tor Poznań Track Guide

TCR World Tour championship of SRS, p/b zerobandwith, visits Poznań on Monday, Jan 4. Dial in to see how we analyze this car/track combo. Read More

Monza Track Guide by Omer Kinay

A hotlap with the legendary bimmer, that doesn’t need an introduction, at the “Temple of Speed” by Omer. Best served hot, together with a setup. Read More

Summit Point Track Guide by Omer Kinay

Omer’s latest guide to the Summit Point track including setup for the Nissan Primera BTCC. Read More